Be Like Eleanor Calder

I am not telling you that you have be just like Eleanor in order be beautiful. Please do not think that is what I'm about and what my blog is about. I want you to become more confident with yourself and be proud of who you are. . If you want to get fit, do it for you. Don't do it because someone said you need to. I'm here to help you lose weight & get fit the healthy way. Please don't starve yourself or make yourself puke. You don't have to dress exactly like Eleanor to look pretty either. If you want to buy all the clothes she has, go for it if that makes you happy. I will happily help you with outfits inspired by Eleanor or outfits not inspired by her. I'm just here to help you in anyway I can. xoxo - My twitter is @WorldOfEleanor_ & @Elounor_Love -

  1. Eleanor Inspired: Jewelry by worldofeleanor featuring sterling silver jewelry

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